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​​Why choose Honduras for your next trip?


Popular destinations like Copan and Roatan are becoming well known to savvy travelers the world over, but by and large Honduras remains relatively unexplored. With so many new sights to see, things to experience, and places to explore, the country remains one of the world’s best kept secrets.

In Honduras you can reconnect with authentic travel experiences, enhanced through meeting and interacting with locals. The small towns and villages of rural Honduras still honor ancient traditions, while many offer access to Wi-Fi in the town square. The country is moving at Internet speed, and yet at moments it can still feel like time stands still.

Culturally Rich

Seven distinct ethnic groups reside in a geographically small, but culturally diverse country. The Bay Islands move to a Caribbean beat; while on the North Coast in Atlantida the Garifuna culture lends a laid-back feel to the region. Coffee farmers and ranchers populate the fertile valleys in the western region, and the Lenca Highlands are all about small towns, and remote villages nestled in rugged mountains.

Some of the best coffee and cacao in the world grows on the lush hillsides of Honduras. The rapidly developing industry is one of the country’s most important. There’s a distinct pride among the families who pick the ripe coffee cherries and real excitement knowing that a good crop will provide for them all for nearly an entire year. Efforts to improve and preserve bean quality have led to higher prices on the international markets and excellence is now the goal for all growers.

Hondurans are justifiably proud of their country and naturally inclined to be hospitable. Over and over, visitors rave about the warmth of the welcome and the authenticity of the interactions they experience when visiting.

Wild Nature

With 91 national protected areas covering a wide diversity of ecosystems - coral reefs to cloud forest peaks - Honduras has it all. The diversity of forest alone is stunning: coastal mangrove forest give way to tropical rain forests that lead to tropical dry forests all the way up to pine-oak forests on the mountainsides.

Such diversity in a relatively small area means that visitors can experience a multitude of ecosystems over the course of a single trip, sometimes even a single day! It’s not unheard of for visitors to start the day with an early morning snorkel in a coral reef in Punta Sal, have lunch in the rain forests of Lake Yojoa and be at the foot of the Celaque cloud forest in time for dinner. Honduras provides amazing opportunities to enjoy adventure travel in a sustainable way.

Along the way, an abundance of wildlife – howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, agouti, basilisk lizards, resplendent quetzals, lovely cotingas, capuchin monkeys, manatees, oscelots, and jaguars to name a few - is just waiting to be spotted by keen eyes. This is nature at its most wild and most pristine.